Working with the Aero Industry

Newton Consulting are the designers and suppliers of fuel system components to the Aero Industry.

Newton Consulting started off as a trading name when I retired from Unilever, in 1994 and started trouble shooting for them around Europe – at the same time I was building an aeroplane which needed fuel caps from Newton Equipment. They make a range of beautiful fuel caps, finger friendly, secure and a great leap forward for the aircraft industry at that time. I developed that contact with special fittings for the aircraft industry to become their largest single market. We supply a range of N-E caps, and make the SPRL™ range of low cost, low weight caps for the lighter aeroplanes. We have a very large percentage of the market!

I have still not obtained the time and freedom for the long distance touring that I had in mind when I built the aeroplane.

The purpose of this web site is to show something of the range we offer, most of the special fittings that are not on the Newton Equipment automotive web site, and showcase developments and ideas like the fuel valve as they develop.


This site is for the use of our existing and potential industry clients. We welcome contact from OEM and prototype designers. It is not a shop window – we do not offer retail sales to the general public who we advise to look at Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, LAS in the UK or ULM in France.

Happy landings!

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