We have designed a new duplex valve with ceramic disc valves for feed and return.

It is tapped 1/4″nps feed and return and will take standard npt fittings and our -6 banjos.

V9 can carry our new small selector plate 54mm in diameter or the standard plate @70mm interchangeable with our other valves and other types.

Supply is planned for Summer ’17. As ever delivery will be from stock as soon as we have them.

V9 is perfect for any traditional return system but Rotax ask for over-pressure protection when the fuel is turned off and may be heated after shut down.

We have a version of V9 with a built in pressure relief valve and we will call it V10. Externally it is identical to V9.


V9 Duplex Externals

V9 Duplex A5 Installation Sheet

V9 Fuel Valve Comparison

The V9 Valve – Introduction

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