V6 is a miniature valve aimed at the Rotax market with 6mm pipes in mind. Weight 127 grams.

This is the first of our // port, slimline valves offering very slimline installation, and thus flexibility in placing the valve.

SUPPLY:   As ever these valves are in stock for immediate supply

V6 is smaller and lighter than other equivalent valves and can be installed inside 2 1/4” width having parallel inputs from the rear tapped 10mm to use standard Rotax banjos or straight fittings.

The output to the engine is tapped ¼” nps to take npt fittings or our NC315 adaptor from NPT to 10mm. You will find that the 1/8″nps thread will accept a 10mm fitting for about 3 turns, and bearing in mind that all these threads need a sealant, I think I would accept the mismatch. Equally it could be tapped to 10mm.

The selector plate in the cockpit is 54mm in diameter- or the valve will accept our larger part used on our V1/2/3/4 valves @ 70mm diameter.

Installation is with 4 x 8/32 screws and Tinnerman washers supplied.

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