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V6 Valve

V6 is a miniature valve aimed at the Rotax market with 6mm pipes in mind.
Weight 127 grams

**** C means FAR23 conforming selector

It is smaller and lighter than other equivalent valves and can be installed inside 2-1/4” width having parallel inputs from the rear tapped 10mm to use standard Rotax banjos or straight fittings. The output to the engine is tapped 1/8” nps to take npt fittings or our NC315 adaptor from NPT to 10mm. The selector plate in the cockpit is 54mm in diameter, or the valve will accept the larger part used on V1/2/3/4 valves at 70mm diameter. Installation is with 4 x 8/32 screws and Tinnerman washers supplied.

V6 Valve

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