We are very proud of our new family of fuel valves using ceramic disk technology. First tests on the prototype demonstrated 100,000 movements and it held 6 bar yes, after the test. This seems to offer an adequate life and performance. Subsequently I noticed that the disk manufacturer tests to 600,000 movements.

Ceramic disks and Viton seals are suitable for all current fuels.

Customer demand has extended the range to include duplex valves with return lines and a simple on/off valve using our nice selector plate and mechanism. I was surprised by the latter request as there are $5 valves but it seems that you get what you pay for and at a reasonable price ours is preferred.


There does not seem much point in just offering a high performance valve, if we are to succeed we need to offer the economy inherent in the ceramic disks mechanism- so we offer at about half the price of our competitor- if he does not like it, well he knows why we entered the market.

Standard V1   duplex V3 and V4 with return valving.
Standard V1 + duplex V3 and V4 with return valving.


The family is SPRL-V1 offered with 3 and 4 way selections and also with our standard lever as well as with the American FAR style pointer.

Speaking of FAR there is a requirement for ‘unobstructed’ selections under FAR 23 – this loses the joy of our positive lock in all selections but the outcome seems reasonable to me, so a conforming selector is offered for the V1, V3 and V4 valves.

SPRL V2 is the simple on/off, available with either of the selector levers with ‘ON’ at 6 and 12 and ‘OFF’ at 3 and 9. Whichever way you read the lever it will work!

SPRL V3, the duplex valve has 4mm vapour return lines machined to accept ¼” NPT fittings for hoses or whatever; in addition to the multiplicity of fittings available for the main feeds.

SPRL V4 has full flow returns, suitable for eg the current range of injected Rotax engines.

The return valving uses the drive shaft as a form of ‘drum’ valve, and close tolerance fits – it is not perfect but should be adequate for the service required.


AN6 +8 and Banjo fittings for push on fuel lines together with ¼” NPT are available.


Remote operation

All the valves are offered with remote operation and a universal joint drive. I like the idea of putting the valve in front of the fire wall with a remote drive.

Remote Drive

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